Take in seams?

So I finished Sizzle from Knit and Tonic only to find that, while the size I chose fits my bust perfectly, the lower part is way too large and hangs off me. I’m sure at least part of my problem is that I didn’t choose a drapey yarn (100% mercerized cotton instead of something like a silk or tencel blend).

My question is: can the tank top be saved without having to knit all or part of it again? Would it be possible to take in the side seams (at least 1" on each side) without it looking too bad? And also, taking it in that much, the seam would be far too bulky, so would I be able to seam it up and then cut off the excess, or would that cause everything to unravel?

Oh don’t cut it unless you have a really good serger that you can “serge cut” it and know that the edges won’t unravel. You could always take it in that inch then flat feld the seams down by opening the selveges away from each other and duplicate stitch them sewn shut.

You could always pin what you think you will need to take it up and try it on and see if you think it will be too bulky.