Take a look at this!

is this a good price for Denise’s?

:expressionless: Eh…its average…

Check with CarolOH first…Taraknits is just starting to sell Denise’s…I dont know what she is able to sell for yet, but its always good to be able to support one of “our own”!!

That’s what I paid for mine. I just HAD to have them right away and I went to my LYS and got them. I did check around a little and even when I found them a bit cheaper online … the shipping price brought them up to the $47-$49 range.


Don’t know if Tara has her Denise’s up or not, check with her first. KP has 'em for 47.95

She just posted in Buy/Sell/Swap…Denises will be $47.95, with free shipping. They will be up on the web site SOON! :smiley:

Thx, Julie! Go forth and buy from Tara! Don’t forget to click-thru her link :slight_smile:

They also have them reasonably priced at knitpicks, which can also be accessed from this site.