Table Top Swifts

I’m researching table top swifts and am wondering whether anyone has any experience (good or bad) with any of these swifts, or recommendations for other table top swifts that they particularly love:

I would note that the last one from Etsy comes in medium and large sizes, but I’m not sure what the standard size for hanks are (I guess I’ve never had to measure them before), so opinions on that would be appreciated too!

I have an umbrella swift. Sets up quick and puts away quick and mostly compact.

Those types you have listed always seemed like more work for just as much money!

I also use an umbrella swift and love it.

I have the same (large wooden) umbrella swift as Ingrid. And a Royal brand ball winder.

They were the [B]best two[/B] knitting accessories I’ve ever purchased!

Added to my Amazon wishlist :oD

HD made me this one. Works like a charm, with the added bonus it was totally free.

We (my knitting group) have one of the umbrella swifts too and we love it!

A swift and ball winder are on my must have list. Now if I only had a hundred dollars to spare…

Maybe if I hadn’t bought so much yarn…

Well my birthday is coming up.

I bought a swift from this Etsy Shop last month (well, technically the DBF bought it, but details…details…).

I absolutely love it! I ended up just getting the Medium and it has worked for all of the hanks that I’ve wound up so far. I use it with the KP Ball Winder.

The largest hank holes worked well for KP Wool of the Andes Bulky that I wound up, while the 2nd largest worked great for KP lace hanks.

I can afford that one! Thanks so much for posting the link.

I have one like the this too and I love it. I don’t think I would like an umbrella style because it would take up to much storage space and the $19.95 style doesn’t have to be clamped down to use.

DH is making one like this for me, but it isn’t finished yet. Mine wasn’t totally free, but it is a gorgeous oak and he assures me it cost well under $20. :thumbsup:

I got my umbrella swift online at Joanns and used a 50% off coupon ! I love it. I also got my yarn winder there, 50% off. My local store does not carry either one.

This one looks nice, but the reasons I was thinking of a table top swift was because I was thinking it would be easier to only have to clamp one thing to the table, instead of two and would be easier to store.

Those of you who have the umbrella swift, do you leave yours out, or do you store it? Do the clamps for the swift or winder damage your table? I don’t have a craft table or anything, so I would be using my dining room table.

JasmineJaquine - how did you decide on the Medium versus the large? How do you store it? My one concern is that it doesn’t appear to come in a case, so I worry that I might lose some of the pieces.

The main factor was that I wanted something a little smaller as umm…we tend to have a lot of “stuff” in general, so smaller generally is nicer for me. Plus saving a few bucks isn’t bad either.

As for storage (as I’ve only had it a month), I tend to leave it together and drop it against a wall or behind a door as it stays hidden quite nicely.

It’s not hard to take apart at all, I just tend to leave it together as it can be just stuck in a corner somewhere.

The only pieces I could ever see losing is the pegs, which…I think it came with 6. They come in a sturdy plastic ziploc, but one can always place them in a nice fabric pouch or some other container with one’s knitting notions.

My swift is just like the Etsy one you linked. I got it on eBay. It’s easy to store, and easy to use. If I use it for several skeins, I tape it down to keep it from sliding around on the table. If I’m only doing one skein, I just do it slowly.

Really, it slides around the table if you don’t tape it down? Hmm, it was sounding great up to that point. I guess it’s really lightweight?

Yes, it is lightweight. If you hook up the end of the yarn to a ball winder and turn it fast, that particular swift will slide around on the table.

I guess I’ve just been lucky-I’ve never had that happen to me. I have a tablecloth on my table so maybe that helps. As for storage, mine came in a long triangle shaped box so that is where I store it.