Tabby cat

I am doing stockinette stitch and here are some of the instructions.

Ss 3 rows.
***Dec 1 st at beg and end of next row.
Ss 2 rows.
Repeat the last 3 rows five more times [20

The decrease will be on the knit side but then it says ss two rows, which would put the next decreases on the wrong side- I think they should be on the right side- The only way to make the decreases then would be to stockinette 3 rows instead of 2, what should I do here?

What pattern are you using?

Tabbycat from Alan Dart-

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I think if I follow this correctly, maybe it is decrease knit side, then decrease on purl, and back and forth knit and purl for the decreases…???

Yes, the decreases alternate RS, WS. So if the first is on an even row (row 4) the next is odd row 7, even row 10, odd row 16 and so one. The even rows are knit rows with the odd rows being purl rows. I would work the decreases on the knit and then purl rows as the pattern indicates.

You could move the purl decreases to knit rows but there would not be the equal spacing between decrease rows. For example rows 4,8,10,14, 16 and so on.

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thanks- it took me all afternoon to figure this out- thanks for clarifying!

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That’s OK. There are patterns I’ve had to sleep on overnight to make sense of. And sometimes longer than that!