just wanted to know how to do this properly.

I can’t find a video on this site,


T2B Twist 2 Back–slip next st onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next St from left-hand needle, then purl st from cable needle.

T2F Twist 2 Front–slip next st onto cable needle and hold at front of work, purl next St from left-hand needle, then knit st from cable needle.

So you purl the one that’s in the back? See this is why I LOVE this site… I learn so much and it’s often about stuff I’m not even making… :teehee:

You may need to knit both sts instead of purl one of them, it depends on the pattern. Your pattern probably does have an explanation, it may be in the notes at the top before the cast on instructions.

I believe that a right cross has two knits; a twist is a mix of knit and purl. When you want the cable to appear to ‘travel’ diagonally on a purl background, you use the twist.

I am making the tree of life pillow by Ladyship Designs. the technique for T2F says, "slip next 2 sets. onto cable needle. purl one from left needle and k2 from cable. for T2B it says slip next st onto cable, k2 from left needle and purl one from cable. looking at this tread, it is always one stitch not 2. i have redone this part of pattern over and over and it doesn’t look right. do you think there is a typo and it should read one stitch not 2??please help!

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It depends on the pattern. Ingrid’s explanation is the correct one for the twist sts but if your pattern has defined the sts differently, then that should be what is required.
I don’t see any complaints in glancing at the Ravelry page and there aren’t errata online.

The pattern for the larger branches looks like it takes 3 sts while the smaller twigs look like a 2 stitch twist. Which ones are you doing?

Row 46 of the branches is where the twist stitches begin. When I do them they do not match the large branches and they look out of place. The pulls and knits don’t match up at all. And when I compare to the picture they definitely don’t look the same. I wish I had taken a picture but I have redone rows 46-56 at least 3 times. I just can’t make it look like branches in picture.

So row 46 is where the branches narrow down to thinner twigs? Are they not lining up correctly with the slant of the larger branch? You might experiment with a small swatch to see where you need to start the twist in order to get the alignment. The swatch will also save wear and tear on you working yarn.
Or is it the abrupt change from a traveling cable of about 4 sts to the twist st that doesn’t look right? Maybe knitting a few more rows will help because you’ll see more of the overall pattern.
Yes, a photo would be a big help.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! I have written the pattern designer but no reply.
I will go back to row 46 and try again. And take a picture! At least I had the good sense to use a lifeline this last time!