T-Shirt or Sweater Suggestions

I’ve been thinking about making a t-shirt or sweater with my school’s crest on it. I already have the crest chart. Now I need a t-shirt or sweater pattern.

So I’m open to suggestions! On what pattern (t-shirt or sweater) do you think the crest would look good?

Let the wonderful ideas begins …

Magknits had a basic Tshirt pattern…

Also, I would think you could add that to any stockinette pattern… you could also either do a fair isle or intarsia design where you work it as you go, or you could just stitch it on later with a duplicate stitch.

Thanks Eloewien!! Dup st never even crossed my mind. I was thinking fair isle, but dup st is a good idea.

Probably a whole lot easier too :slight_smile:

Yeah no kiddin’. I think I ran into a problem though. I’m a bit partial to fair isle; however, my size in the Magknits T doesn’t have enought sts to cover the chart. :pout:

So use a lighter weight yarn and figure out your gauge… hopefully you can find one that would give you enough stitches.

To determine how many stitches, figure your own measurements- you’re x inches around, half of that would be the front and half the back… y stitches per inch determined by your gauge swatch-- cast on 1/2 * x inches * y stitches per inch for the front and same for the back I would figure…