SWT Karaoke

Have been seeing some nice comments about this yarn. Any suggestions
about retail stores that do do mail order or have a website that I can
get it?

Also, what is the best washing method as is bamboo blend.



Colleen…I may be getting some of it soon at my online store…the samples should be here any day now. The Karaoke is great to work with. As for washing, Karaoke will felt, so hand washing is necessary.

It’s hand wash, lay flat to dry. I made a sweater and a scarf from it and it’s gorgeous. It’s soy silk and wool, not Bamboo. I got mine from www.kpixie.com , and they were the cheapest at the time. You might want to do a Google search and see if someone has it on sale.

:smiley: I also got mine @ www.kpixie.com. I’m impatiently waiting for Kemp to get it in her store :thumbsup:

if you need 10 skeins, discountyarnsale.com has the best price

right now i am using it to make the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Wrap from Scarf Style and i am having a heck of a time with this yarn - it is “unspun” in certain areas and just breaks apart - very frustrating as entrelac is a pain to rip back

I wonder if it’s breaking because it’s entrelac with all the picking up of stitches?

i don’t think so, ingrid, b/c the breakage is always the same color and it happens before i knit the yarn - it happens in the color that is the faded green with the brown-ish speckles - but it happens right before i knit so i am left with a 2 inch tail and i can’t sew that in, so i have to rip back

i actually had to put that project down for awhile b/c i was getting so frustrated

That’s a shame! Have you tried spit felting those ends together? It worked really well when I switched skeins on my sweater.

i am going to try the spit felting on it and hope that works

When I knit my clapotis with karaoke, I had some problems with the yarn breaking as well. I was able to spit-felt the ends without too much trouble- sometimes it would take a couple of times to get it to really stay together well. I still LOVE the yarn though- my LYS has it, and I have to pull myself away from it every time I am there!

Goodness, I hate that the yarn is still splitting on you!! I didn’t have any trouble with mine. The ends did felt together quite nicely when I added another ball of yarn, so I hope that felting the broken pieces works for you. I can’t wait to see your Eleanor :smiley:

I found I had to really spread the ends out to fuzz and wet and rub them well to felt them, but they held.

I have some of this yarn on the needles right now. Knits like a dream!

When buying those delicious space-dyed colors, keep in mind that the group of colors you see on the outside of the ball are repeated at the center of the ball, with other colors in between. I selected all balls with the same color # that looked the same, and have ended up with lots of that group of outside colors and only a smattering of the in-between colors. (Did I explain that well?)

Given it all to do again I’d purchase half of the balls with one color group showing and the other half with the other group showing so as to get a little more color balance.

Live and learn!

I found that I had to reroll some of my skeins in order to continue the stripe pattern as it was established–roll them in the other direction, that is. Keeping the yarn in the same stripe sequence was the hardest part of making a sweater with it.