Switching to DPNs

I am knitting a basic hat using US 10.5 16in circs. It’s time to start decreasing (my first time!!!) so do I HAVE to switch to DPNs cause I am scared to death of them.

Please say no! :pout:

You have to switch to some form of small diameter circular knitting. There are 3 options. You could use dpns, magic loop knitting (if you have a circular needle that’s long enough, I prefer 40" length for magic loop) or using 2 circs. You can find videos for all 3 methods here.

i think it is the best way to learn how to use DPNs…the work is already established so it isn’t quite as unruly. Just don’t get DPNs that are crazy long. 7-8 inches is a good number.

That being said, i almost never use DPNs for circular knitting anymore. i love me some two circ knitting so that’s what I use.

They are? That’s sorta long.


well i find the 4-5 inch ones are too short to hold a decent number of stitches. I suppose it is all about preference though isn’t it?

Six inches ought to be about right then. :wink:


I tend to work with 7" dpns… I like them the best… its just what you are more comfy with… now I bought size 9s dpns that are 10" and I need to replace those… :teehee:

Don’t be scared of DPNs they are not hard to use at all just takes practice and finding what you are comfy with… :cheering:

You are going to feel really smart when you conquer your fear of DPNs. I experienced white knuckled terror at first, but after the first 5-6 rounds it got much easier.

Good luck!

Plus it really is a lot easier to start using them by knitting off the circs rather than casting on with them.