Switching from Circular to DPN's for a first hat

Okay, So I am knitting my first hat I think something is not quite right. I switched from circular to DPN’s and the lead yarn is on the bottom of the needle. What have I done wrong?

Could you have turned it around or inside out accidentally when you switched to the DPN’s…and what do you mean exactly by on the bottom of the needle? If the stitches are just twisted a little around the needle it could appear that way when nothing is really wrong. A peek at Amy’s video about knitting in the round might help you identify the problem.

Hi Kemp,

If I look at the work from the top the working yarn is on the left needle at the top. I am so confused! I didn’t see a video from Amy showing how to transfer to dpn’s. Thanks for your help!

To me that sounds like you somehow got your work backwards… If you turn your work inside out, will it "fix it? For the hat I’m working on, I had to do the switch from circs to dpns yesterday. The way I always switch is to just start working with the dpns… If I have 60 stitches in the round, I’ll knit 20 on to 3 working needles or 15 on to 4 working needles. I just keep knitting until I’ve “used up” the stitches that were on my circ. I don’t have to worry about twisted stitches or my work getting turned accidentally. Clear as mud?

Thanks Nicole! I think I am going to throw it back on the circular and then do as you suggest. There is no telling what I did!

Good luck with it! I know I’m always looking for the most idiot-proof way to do something like this. If there’s a way to goof something up, I’m guaranteed to find it!!!