Switching between purl and knit

Im not like super new to knitting or anything, but I need an experts help! I’m making a block baby blanket that switches from purl to knit but I’m finding that I have extremely loose stitches when I switch from knit to purl, as seen in the image below. This doesnt happen when I go from purl to knit. Those stiches are tight and well blended together. Can anyone please help me to resolve this?

Very pink knits has a really good YouTube video showing how to eliminate that gap. It works quite well.


That’s normal. Sometimes it will even up with washing or blocking. What I do though is twist the first purl stitch after a knit stitch. The twist isn’t obvious on the front, but will be visible on the back. So for a project in the round this isn’t is a problem, but on a blanket you’ll need to untwist it on the back side by knitting into the back of the stitch that’s twisted.

Here’s my old blog that explains it in the round.

This is the link where I got the idea and she’s doing it flat.

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I had it bad with cables. I found knitting looser fixed it. Counter-intuitive, want to make it tighter.

Thanks so much for this video Metylda!!! I had never heard about this trick before but I’ve started using it in my current project and it’s great!!!

Thx again!!!

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You’re very welcome. I like to watch knitting videos before I fall asleep so I’ve seen a number of different stitches, techniques and tips. If I think one might help someone else, I will share it.