Swiss lateral spinning wheel

Hi! New spinner here, first question! I have just received what I think is a lateral spinning wheel, possibly Swiss. I have no idea how to thread a drive band around it. It didn’t come with one, by the way. I’m really interested in learning how to work this, considering how it’s practically brand new and in really good condition. The only thing that’s missing is a drive band, & I know that you can get some cotton twine or string and I have that, but I’m not sure how to thread it in the actual machine. If I can figure out how to work this website, I will try to attach a picture of it. Anybody got any experience with these specific machines?

The label on the bottom says Ernest Mason, if that helps anybody.

I’ve never heard of a lateral spinning wheel. I’m doing a search right now. A picture would be great.

Okay, it is a type of upright wheel.

This should help

lol, actually that clip (that I found when I started this quest) was both only slightly helpful and very frustrating! Not only did it not have any instruction or narration, I was constantly pausing and re-pausing the clip to figure out exactly how these things fit together. At least it wasn’t the one with yodeling voice-over. Thanks though!

Now my only problem left is the connection to the foot pedal. (if there are better words for this, please let me know.)

The closest attachment to the wood slides around on its axis, causing the foot pedal to jam at the top. Any suggestions? I’ve tried tightening it with my allen wrench, but it doesn’t help.

Treadle (foot pedal) Conrod (connection rod)

Have you tried oiling? Is it actually catching and jamming or just stopping due to lack of momentum or not pushing on the treadle at the right moment? (very common for new spinners)

Hi. I know this is an old post, but I have been looking for one of these Swiss style Earnest Mason spinning wheels for some time. I have an Earnest Mason Castle style wheel that I have had for many years. Earnest Mason made Wheels in Portland, Oregon. He died in 1986. My wheel was made in 1977. If you still have this wheel and are interested in parting with it, please contact me. Thanks so much.