Swish went up in price

:pout: 3.29 a ball. its still not expensive, but i was so looking forward to the less than 3 dollar price of swish and now they pull the rug out from under me

im knitting with it now and its soft indeed. im really surprised. BUMMER

Well that stinks! I wonder why. It’s a new yarn, too… :??

:waah: That totally stinks! I’m using some now to make a sweater for my ds – it’s great stuff.

They suck you in, and then raise the price. :-x

Maybe the demand isn’t high enough to allow them to keep the price down.
Maybe they’ve experienced a price hike in their materials i.e. the stuff that makes the wool machine washable.
Maybe they need to cover the unforseen processing costs for their first worsted weight superwashable factory-dyed yarn.

I’m sure there are lots of reasons - Raising the profit margin is not likely to be one of them when KnitPicks ENTIRE PREMISE is bringing quality products to market at the lowest possible price to allow knitters access to a variety of fibers that were previously out of their price range - Yes there are people who can’t afford wool, especially nice wools. I’m one of them.

Did they raise some of their other prices too? Was Spinnaker always $9.99?

Hope the yarn companies aren’t following the gasoline companies. Gas here has been up to $3.29 a gallon.

Just think how many balls of yarn we could buy for a tank full!

hmmm… i just looked at my order that i placed for Swish on the 18th of July and it was $3.29 then too.

Was it something below that between then and now??? :??

:roflhard: Okay, I just looked at my last order, and I paid $3.29 too! So, I guess I’ve got nothing to gripe about!

Spinnaker was $9.99 from the get-go…then it went on sale for a while…apparently now it’s back up to $9.99 again?

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of their prices went up. According to a couple of distributors, the price of wool and alpaca in Peru is up 12-25%…pretty substantial.

i thought i paid 2 something? i was so excited bc it was cheaper than encore pr yardage. maybe i was imagining it all?

I was all set to order some Main Line this morning, then I realized the price went back up to $3.29 from $1.97, or something close to that. That’s what I get for waiting, I guess.

The Main Line was on sale for a short period of time…glad I didn’t wait!
Swish has always been $3.29.

I think so too.

Yes, it’s always been $3.29. I ordered some the first week it was out.

Still a great price for some nice soft superwash!!

I can’t wait to see some reviews of this stuff… how it wears, etc. It sounds so cool!

Oh, and now they need to do a BULKY Swish!