Swing dancinng

Does anyone know what it is? I chose it for my P.E. elective. (It was either that or wrestling!) If you have any information, let me know! Thanks! :blooby:

Oops! I mean dancing! With one n!

Swing dancing always looks like so much fun! Its the kind of dancing they did to the Big Band music of the '40s. I begged DH to take classes with me a few years back (before kids), but he wouldn’t. I think you’ll have a blast - way more fun than wrestling!

Yes… swing dancing was to big band music. I think you’ll love it!

I can think of two movies right off the top of my head that have swing dancing in them first is Blast from the Pastwith Brendan Fraser. The second is one of my all time favorite movies, SWING KIDS its more of a drama, but lovely.

Here are some videos of swing dancing on youtube


Ooh Ooh Ooh!! I swing dance! Have been for over 12 years!!

It’s the BEST DANCING EVER!! (in my opinion)

It’s so much fun. Done to Big Band, jump jive, lounge and all sorts of music!

If you love moving and love “up” music, you’ll love swing dancing :smiley:

I’m actually going swing dancing tonight… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ooh… some specific people to look up on You Tube to get the best examples of great swing dancing…

Marcus Koch & Barble Kaufer
Nathalie & Yuval
Frankie Manning (the man that started it all)
Lindy Hop (another term for swing dance)
Mattias Lundmark (one of the spunkiest world class swing dancers … I’ve danced with him too :D)
Erik & Sylvia (great hollywood style swing dancing)

Anyway, before I get TOO carried away… :smiley: There’s some to get you started. I just love it so much, and get very excited when I hear of younger people just starting out… :smiley: ENJOY!!!

Wow thanks everyone! I’m really excited now! :blooby:

You are going to have so much fun! I have been “swing” dancing for 10 years now. The specific type of swing dancing that I do is the Lindy Hop. I think you’ll be hooked in no time!

Sounds great! We chose partners on Friday. I asked my GUYfriend if he would do it with me and he said yes. All of my other friends have guy partners too!

Jamiejeans - Ooh! Which style Lindy? Savoy or Hollywood? I started with Savoy and started Hollywood about 3 years after that. I also do West Coast Swing and Boogie Woogie, I’d like to get more proficient in my Balboa too :smiley: (sugarfunpouch - these are all styles of swing)… Being in Australia, we pretty much have a ceiling that we hit in terms of talent for teaching. Which is why there are constantly big workshops over here about 3 times a year.

Sugarfunpouch - Do yourself a huge favour, learn BOTH lead and follow from the get go, if you can. Not only does it double your partner base, but it impresses the hell out of people down the track. I’ve actually competed as a lead (am female), and was the first female lead to 1. compete and 2. win. I’ve not done comps now for AGES (I can’t even remember, but it’s over 7 years), but I have a bit of a (good) rep for being a fun person to dance with. I even swap roles with some of my guy friends sometimes, where I lead, and they follow… fun as heck!

I’m so excited for you… I can’t even contain myself… LOL

WOW!!! I’ll do my very best! I have been dancing for 6 years. (Not swing dancing though! I’m only 12! LOL!)

you will love it, and will look like a doll, i’m sure. i took a class as my pe elective in college and we had to either take a super hard test, or perform in a big recital. i chose the big recital, made a cute black velvet dress with a swingy skirt, black tap shoes sans taps, and black spankies. (think black trunks that cheerleaders wear.) i was quite honored to be chosen to be on the front row.

have tons of fun with your guyfriend. that’s how it SHOULD be when you’re 12. ((((hugs))))

Wow thanks! That outfit sounded pretty! Congrats on being in the front row. We are also doing a recital at the end of the quarter! yikes LOL

The first type I learned was east coast style swing and traditional ball room swing. I found that it just didn’t have quite the pizazz that I was looking for, so I switched to Lindy. I didn’t even realize there were different styles of Lindy! My guess is that a bit of both given the instructors I have learned from. However, I love how Balboa looks but don’t know how! It’s next on my list of classes to take, but likely won’t be for a long time…I’m in school so that takes over everything.

Ooh, who are your instructors?

I love Lindy Hop… You just can’t be sad when you’re swing dancing :smiley:

I think we’re doing Lindy, but I’ll find out tomorrow!

That’s right! Going to dances was the best anti-depressant I’ve ever taken!

My instructors are Tony & Aurelie Tye from Hop to the Beat Studio outside of Boston MA. They have a website and tons of pictures of their dances, etc.

Wow. Swing Dance as a choice? Now, that a cool. There is no doubt that you’d have a blast learning it.

Here I am! My computer has been down. We are doing Lindy I think. These are the moves we learned so far: Basic step, Around the world, Rocker under(something) turn and reverse(the turn.)