Swift? plastic, wood, metal?

I am going to purchase a swift and ball winder for myself (Husband suggested it for mother’s day) and I am wondering about the swift…plastic, wood or metal…I’m leaning towards wood…any suggestions.

I’ve only used wood, bought it online from JoAnn’s. My LYS has plastic. The next thing on my list is a yarn meter. To be able to split a hank into two even balls sounds like heaven to me.

I have a wooden one that clamps on the table and I love it. So well made–I think it will be around forever.

Kemp’s getting some swifts in her store :smiley: I don’t have a swift, but my sweet hubby just surprised me with a Royal ball winder & it arrived yesterday…I LOVE it :thumbsup:

I think I will go with the wood…thanks for the advise

The one Joann’s has on their web site is nice and with a 40% off coupon very reasonable.

Do you want a clamp on or table top one? The Joanns is a clamp on. I remember a table top one that was VERY reasonable and had great reviews… I think it was under $40 and was similar to the Mama Bear swift.

If you prefer table top, I might be able to find a link or maybe someone else here knows what I’m talking about.

Mama Bear

As someone who uses a swift and ballwinder on a daily basis (an average of 10 skeins a day, when I do Yarn of the Month, I may do 50 skeins in a day), I know of what I speak. :slight_smile:

Get a tabletop swift. The clamp on swifts damage the table/chair you put them on. If you don’t clamp them tightly enough, they will fly off in the middle of winding your ball. If you clamp it too tightly, it leaves marks on your table. Get the lightest weight wood you can find. The Royal ball winders are not made to pull the weight of a wooden swift, so each time you do it, you’re taxing it more heavily than necessary. So a lightweight swift is essential to making your ball winder last. :slight_smile:


After having tried to have my DBF hold the yarn, in place of a swift, it is a big thing on my list. (I ended with massive knots on the floor and almost made him cry).

I have fallen in love with the Nifty Swift, wooden swift, after having used it at a LYS. It is not cheap though. I worry that my yarn would get stuck in the metal ones and I would lose my mind trying to fix it. But, I’m a tad ocd.