Sweetheart baby afghan -help me please

Hi - i am not sure if it’s a pattern error or my error.
I am working on a baby afghan (pattern by Brooke Shellflower) and I went up to row 52 and then noticed the rows that show the tips of the heart patterns were completely off kilter. I thought i understood the pattern pretty well by the diagrams provided for in the pattern booklet. I undid my work back to the beginning of the heart and tried again for 1 heart design on it’s own, but i ran across the same issues.
There should be 160sts for each row from the start of the heart pattern to the end (tips) of the hearts. So I checked the stitch count of even rows from row 46 through 54 inclusive. Rows 46 and 48 and 54 all total 160 sts. However, row 50 totals 144sts and row 52 totals 141sts. Should this happen? if not, I don’t know how to fix this pattern to make it work. Please help me out?
Please let me know what other info is needed in order to help me out.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’m assuming you’re doing Precious in Pink?

I looked it up and I suspect you are having the same problem as this woman. So check your increases and make sure you’re doing them correctly. I couldn’t find any errata or any comment about it being wrong so…

This blanket was a little tricky, and I always had to focus really hard at line 50 of the pattern. I could have sworn that this pattern had a mistake in it, but then I realized it was because I was doing increases wrong, and that’s why the heart wasn’t lining up.

hi Jan, no it is not the precious in pink pattern. It is actually called Sweetheart Baby Afghan and it’s published by the same company (leisure arts) in a booklet called Our Best Knit Baby Afghans and it’s on the front page. i can’t post the link yet (not enough posts) so hopefully you can findd it.
Since it involves the increases, i’ll try the pattern of one heart again going by their instructions to increase front and back on next st. It is quite possible that is why the heart tips are going wonky. I used a cast on to increase. I will try on separate work and see if that clears up the problem. I’ll let you know how i fair out and thank you so much for your help.

Is it this one? That is the one called Precious in Pink that I was referring to. If that is what yours looks like take a look at what I previously posted. It appears they may have called it two different things? You said you were having the same problem at about the same row.

yes, that is the exact pattern. thank you. I’m at the part of the heart where the increases start so i’ll try to do them the proper way and let you know how i make out.

Jan, you are a life saver. It worked out perfectly. I took my time going through these last few rows of the heart pattern and viewed the proper way for increasing according to the pattern and it worked. now i am ready to get back into the actual working piece.
Thank you so much for the help.

Glad I could help! Please share a photo when you’re done! :thumbsup: (link in my sig on how to post photos and appropriate sizes)

PLEASE HELP JAN, I am in the same situation with Row 50of Precious in Pink, please tell me how to increase, the instructions say to knit into front and back of next stitch but how do you do this into a yarn over?? I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED.


Knitting into a YO is just like knitting into another stitch. Knit into it but leave it on the L needle, then knit into the back leg of it.

Sue answered the same way I would so check her post. :thumbsup:

Thank you ladies for your help, I understand the pattern, Row 50 starts K16, then inc in next stitch, then do a yo, somehow it seemed so confusing, I thought it was K16,do a yo and then increase into it, which wouldn’t work, finally the light went on.


But we are not knitting into a YO, the previous rows were all purls… It says K16, increase, (YO, SSK) twice…

So, I knit 16 (that part was easy) and I am at the beginning of the heart… then I YO’d and knit into the back and front of the SSK…, they YO SSK once again…Is that right?

Three avid knitters have tried it and we all end up a little over half way through the heart and run out of instructions before the next *K 12 …

Please help!!!

The ssk is a decrease, you don’t knit into the back and front of it. It’s the same as sl 1, k1 psso just done differentely - slip 2 separately knitwise, put the L needle into the front of them and knit together. The yo is just a wrap of the yarn around the needle, not a wrap and knit too.

It may help if you quote the entire row. The part that you have given: “It says K16, increase, (YO, SSK) twice…” also has an increase and it sounds from the earlier posts like this is a knit front and back. On the [I]next[/I] row there may be some directions for what to do in the yo and ssk stitches but not on this row. Here you just k16, kfb, and go on to yo, ssk (the next 2 sts on the right needle), yo, ssk (the next 2 sts on the right needle).