Sweet & Simple website?

I’m pretty sure it’s here that Sweet & Simple has been mentioned several times for top-down sweater patterns. I’ve become obsessed with finding the “perfect” pattern for a springy sweater for myself using KnitPicks Comfy Sport yarn. Of course, now that I want it, I can’t find the Sweet & Simple website back and Google has failed me! I’d appreciate it if someone could post the URL for me. Thanks!

That’s cuz it’s [I]PURE[/I] and Simple.

DUH! Of course it is! Now that you say that, I know that perfectly well! :roflhard:

You can bet it’s bookmarked now! Many thanks for setting me straight!

Knitty.com has two springy top-down sweaters in their latest issue (or is it three sweaters?), so you might check those out, too. Pssstt . . . they’re free!

Plus, here’s one that I’m currently working on (which is on knitty.com, too, but I’m not sure if they’ve fixed the errata there, so linking it from Ravelry): http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/arleen

Good luck in your quest!

I don’t see Arleen at knitty, but the site is a good source for pattern.

Well, I’ve only knit a few things here, but that’s one thing I haven’t come across in the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns…errata. I love that they are written well and easy to understand for the most part. Worth it to pay a few bucks IMO if you like the pattern.

It’s at the link I posted on Ravelry, and it seems to be a fairly easy knit with the first rows being knit flat (for button flap) and then you join to knit in the round.

Yeah I’ve seen the pattern on ravelry, I thought you meant it was also on knitty. May have misunderstood that part of it.

edit - no you did say it was a knitty pattern, and I don’t find where it was ever there.

Very cute sweater! I’ve added it to my Ravelry queue for future reference. For now, I’m still on a quest for that elusive “perfect” pattern using sport weight yarn. I’ll have to wait until I get home today to check out Knitty.com patterns. For now, since I’m supposed to be working…


I just realized you said sport weight. I don’t know if any of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are that weight. Most are worsted and a few DK I think. You’ll have to check though.

Don’t feel bad. I have to write everything down.