Sweaters with Snaps

When I was in Bretagne this past March I saw a lot of sweaters with snaps along the shoulders. These sweaters were on high school boys. I SHOULD have a picture of one, but I don’t. Don’t ask me why the camera was not out snapping photos of the knits, I don’t know.

But now I’m fuzzy on the design, and I was wondering if anybody else had seen any pictures of this or even if you OWN one and would be willing to model it for me. I’m just looking to see the design again, to refresh my brain. A pattern is not neccessary, but if you’ve seen one then please see if it has a photo with it.

mm were they along the line that would have been a raglan sleeve line? Or just a few snaps across the shoulder to close it up?

That’s something I’ve been looking for too. I’ve been hunting on ebay for old patterns since I remember those kind of sweaters from when I was a kid - I know they were a big design in the 50’s / 60’s

I saw both styles, actually, but the ones along the raglan seam line were more prevalent. I wouldn’t mind pictures of both, to be honest.

Have you found anything in your searches of eBay?

Yes I have… but right now its 1:35am and I’m dead on my feet - need sleep. Have a couple of appointments tomorrow and in the evening am tied up with my elderly mother. Watch this space though I’ll dig out what I found (I think I also found something in the free pattern line but I put this thought on hold till I completed my first sweater before tackling something like this).

I LOVE those sweaters and fondly remember wearing one as a kid (even if the wool did itch like crazy) =D If you are happy to wait a couple of days I can dig out what I’ve found :slight_smile:

Edit: I have a bunch of old Stitchcraft Magazines from the 40’s / 50’s there is possibly something in there. I also have a bunch of other old patterns which I’d planned on making available. I work in copyright protection though and was trying to establish the right of copyright in knitting patterns with our lawyer - he was looking into it for me. I did want to just say sod it publish and be damned but then I got concerned that if I got caught it might not look so good with me working in Copyright protection and all :roflhard:

I wouldn’t mind waiting at ALL! I’d be THRILLED to see whatever you’ve got!

Urgh I must apologise - I’ve STILL not got round to this… it has been crazy busy =( I WILL dig these out asap!

Are you alright Mulene? I haven’t seen ya’ around in a while.