Sweaters for Greyhounds

I hope this isn’t posted already, but I’m looking for a sweater pattern for greyhounds. We have two rescued hounds, Hans and GiGi, big skinny dogs! The normal coats you would buy for them go over the neck, drape the body, and attach across the stomach usually with a strap that has velcro. They are so tall there is no way you could make “arm” holes for their legs, plus they run around like nuts so that wouldn’t work.

Anybody see have a pattern?? Thanks.

Here’s a couple I found, neither of them have pics with them though which is a shame, I always like to have a sneak preview of what I’m knitting!

http://www.doggoneknit.com/patterns/knitting/cableknitgreyhound.html (That picture is clearly not a greyhound)


Awww…I LOVE greyhounds!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: They are so sweet!!! Hooray for you for rescuing them! :cheering: Every time one of the pet supply stores has the Greyhound Rescue, I always nudge my husband like, “Can we get one? Huh? Can we? Can we?” (but not with two Labs at home already!). They look so sad. I don’t have any help with your pattern (sorry!), but I wanted to comment about your dogs. Maybe you can post a pic of them.

Thanks for the tip on the sweater pattern, I’m with you though, it’s hard to knit when you don’t know what it will look like! And also thanks for the kind words on the rescue hounds. They are fabulous dogs, so sweet and even tempered, and all they do is sleep! We have two and if I had room I would get another, and I’m really a cat person! We have two beds in everyroom (big beds!), cause they follow me around like I’m their mother. We don’t have any more room for dog beds! My husband calls them my entourage (spelling?). Of course the cat follows right along also!

I :heart: greyhounds! I wish I had the money and the space to have them. THey are so beautiful and sweet and lovey. Ahhhh someday, someday. Oh yeah I did see a specifically greyhound pattern with pictures once. (my wishful thinking files) Let me dig through my bookmarks and see if I can find it

Check it out Cat Bhordi gave this one a review she says “There is one photo of a greyhound wearing a breath-taking Navajo blanket-inspired sweater that fits the animal so sleekly it appears to be almost part of the elegant greyhound himself.”

Here’s the link but buy it from your local independent bookseller or library.

Here’s a crochet pattern:


And this sit has lots of info:


Heres another one. THe Hound Hoodie is a good one. It shows you how to measure yer dog and make a perfect no matter the size.


Thanks to all of you for the patterns! I can’t wait to take a look and get started!

And if anyone out there wants the low down on greyhounds, like the room they require, excercise or any other question, I would be happy to help you out. They really are sweethearts! We had our first one in a townhouse with a postage stamp yard and it was fine! They don’t run around in the house, just sleep so you dont’ need much room.

I hope to get a picture up today!

Thanks again!

I don’t have any advice on dog sweaters, but wanted to say that I really would love to have a greyhound once I get out of college. I think sighthounds are the most elegant dogs in the world, and they are SO sweet.
I am wondering, however, how much time they require as far as being taken for walks if they are kept in a house in town with a small yard? I need to be able to budget my time for my dogs, my fish, and any other critters I end up with, and while I eventually hope to have a small farm, I’m guessing I’ll be in a fairly small place for a while. And I don’t think I’ll ever have less than two dogs, so there’s a lot of work involved there. I don’t want to discover after the fact that I don’t have time to give a greyhound the quality of care it deserves.

They aren’t knitted, but this site has instructions for making coats out of towels for greyhounds:

They look simple enough that I may try the instructions for my dogs even though they aren’t greyhounds.

Here is a picture of my first hound, his name is Hans and he is 7 years old. He is a lovebug and is modeling a coat my Mom made him out of thick fleece, it has the University of Maryland logo all over it! Go Terps! Sorry this is so big! I’m still trying to figure out how to crop!