Sweater wizard software

Help! Has anyone tried the Sweater wizard software? Is it easy to use? Do you like it? I found it at http://www.software4knitting.com/
I just don’t know if it is worth it.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
Pammy :rollseyes:

I have it!! I haven’t knit a sweater with it yet but I have a pattern ready to go. :smiley:

My LYS did a two-hour demonstration where they showed us all of the features of the program – that was soooo helpful. It really is such a cool piece of software! If you have a good gauge swatch and measurements you can design any kind of sweater from doll/bear - kids - adult sizes.

It also keeps a running tab of how much yarn you need as you work on the pattern, which is helpful if you, for instance, have 800 yards of yarn you want to use for a tank. You can adjust the length/armholes/neckline until you reach the desired yardage requirement.

There’s a yahoo group for SW users: http://www.software4knitting.com/support/discussion_group.htm …I haven’t joined, but from what the demonstrator told us they are extremely helpful and always interested to hear suggestions about the program.

HTH! :smiley:

I just order it from KnitPicks (much cheaper!!) and am patiently waiting for it to arrive :smiley:

I know several girls who couldn’t live without their’s! It’s on my wish list, too!

How large do the women’s sizes get? I think I’m a 46" bust and I like roomy cardigans.

It’s completely customizable. You could make it a hundred inches around if you wanted to. :smiley:

(The largest chest measurement on the initial input screen is 64", but in the pattern itself you can change any measurement you want.)