Sweater with some colorwork?

Hi all,

I want to make a sweater (preferably a cardigan but I’m flexible) with some colorwork. However, because I’ve never worked with multiple colors before, I want it to be easy and fairly straightforward. I was looking at Wendy Bernard’s Fair Enough (Ravelry) but I’m not crazy about the neck shaping — or lack thereof. (It’s so floppy! I never button my cardigans all the way up so the flaps would just hang unattractively.)

I can probably fiddle with the pattern to make a more flattering neckline but I’m not confident enough in my skills yet to go altering others’ patterns.

The problem is that I’ve already purchased yarn for the Fair Enough cardigan (before I noticed the problematic neck). As such, I have worsted weight wool (1110 yds of MC, 110 yds of CC1, and 110 of CC2) that I’d love to be able to use for my first “fair isle” sweater. As I said, I prefer cardigans but I’ll also consider other types of sweaters (except turtlenecks or cowl necks… basically, anything with a funky neck). I also like fitted sweaters that are worn close to the body.

Does anyone know of any sweaters that would fit my criteria?


I went and looked at the projects of the Fair Enough cardigan on Ravelry and I don’t see the problem you are thinking of with the neckline of this cardigan. It looks very standard and almost all the pictures of it show gals wearing it with it unbuttoned in part or total and it is not flopping open or anything. I don’t know what you mean by “the flaps”, I don’t see any flaps. It looks like a nice choice.

Fair Isle is a little harder to do worked flat like this sweater is. I noticed one person (at least) had steeked it to solve that issue. But Fair Isle is done flat as well and it will work. If you want the very easiest introduction to Fair Isle look for a pullover so you can work in the round. Even then it would need to be one worked with a construction where you don’t have to divide it at the top to do the front and back separately (if it has Fair Isle in that portion) or you get back to the doing Fair Isle flat again, doable but harder.

The collar comes up too high on the neck… so if I were to wear it unbuttoned (or just leave the top few buttons undone), the collar flaps would fold over and just hang there. I don’t like that.

I’m now thinking of doing Ann Weaver’s Neiman (Ravelry) yoke pullover. (Except I’d be doing the stripes and the circle motif in different colors.)

Good choice. That type of construction has the right side facing you all the time for the color work. I’ve done quite a few made that way. A note: when you first join the sleeves to the body and begin working the yoke in the round those first few rows can be hard to do. There are different things you can do, one is to use as many circulars (any length) that it takes to make the “corners” of the circle. Have fun.