Sweater with No Armhole Shaping?

Has anyone ever knit a sweater with no armhole shaping front or back? My pattern is a bulky cardigan and the only shaping is for the neck…it’s making me nervous!

Sounds like a “drop shoulder” which is often seen in sweater patterns and especially in casual and bulky sweaters.

Thank you so muich! I’ve never come across a pattern with no shaping and was beginning to think there might be an error. A little late I might add since I’m nearly halfway finished and it’s an all-over cable design. The thought of having to rip it out and start over is not appealing! You saved my day

Love the all-over cables. Good luck with the rest of the sweater!

Yes, you’ll find that with a lot of beginner patterns for baby sweaters. I just finished one that was all squares and rectangles, no shaping at all. This pattern is a crocheted one, but they do have a knitted version of this. They sound crazy, but they really do work once you get them all seamed. If you scroll down to the bottom of this pattern, you’ll see the shapes with this. The shoulder seams are sewn together. Stitches are picked up around the neck for the neckline rib. Then stitches are picked up along the edges for the buttonholes. These are great sweaters for the type of cables you’re doing. It’s just straight knitting with no shaping or having to worry about keeping in pattern.