Sweater with double pointed needles


Hi, first time using double pointed needles. I’m moving on to the sleeves and it says to take four needles but yet I’m only using three needles in the instructions when casting on 48 stitches. Not sure what happens to the fourth needle.

Another note, I also read we’re supposed to stitch on an extra stitch with double pointed needles (so instead of 48, I would stitch on 49)

Please let me know!


Here’s a video which explains doubke pointed needles pretty well. It is quite interesting from the start but if you want to jump ahead to around 4min 30 it shows how the stitches are spread across 3 needles and the 4th needle is used as the working needle to knit with. She calls it the naked needle, I would call, it the working needle. Once the first third of stitches has been worked off left needle is now empty and becomes the new working needle. If you try to knit without the 4th needle you might find it all a bit tight and jammed up as there is not much movement available to “work” the needle.
The video shows the join in the round too.

Hope this helps.

Not sure about adding extra stitches. I would cast on the number the pattern says…unless you are talking about a jogless join where you cast on an extra stutch and then knit 2 together for the join, reducing back to the pattern stitch count?


Hi! So I finished the sleeves and half of the body. Now I’m onto the yoke part. So I’m a bit confused about the part where I’m supposed to knit 51 stitches and then leave 10 on a piece of yarn and then attach the sleeves. After knitting the 51 stitches, am I supposed to cut the yarn and continue on again by reattaching the yarn? Or do I just keep the yarn intact and keep on knitting after the 10 stitches?

Btw, this helped a lot. Thank you!

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Hi, sounds like you’re doing brilliantly.

It would help if you typed out a line or two of the pattern as usual written so that you can be helped ith the next part.
10 stitches is quite a long stretch to carry a yarn so I think its more likely to be dropped and a new one used after the 10 stitches but this may not be the case, some patterns start in the round and then finish the top going back and forth working flat, if that’s the case your current working yarn would be in the correct place for the turn and work back.

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Ah I just went and read the pattern again.
I think these 10 stitches are the under arm and therefore you DO just put them on yarn and move straight on to knitting/joining the sleeve stitches and continue to work in the round.

I tried to find a bit later on where it says what to do with those 10 stitches late but can’t find it just at the moment.

I’m sure @salmonmac will know what happens to the stitches.

You’ll get a better answer than mine shortly I’m sure.

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Knit even in rnds until Sleeve from
beg measures 17 (17-16-16-15-
14)" [43 (43-40.5-40.5-38-35.5)
Next rnd: K5 (5-5-5-6-7). Slip these
5 (5-5-5-6-7) sts and last 5 (5-5-5-
6-7) sts of previous rnd onto a st
holder. Break yarn leaving an end
12" [30.5 cm] long for grafting at
underarm. Leave rem 60 (63-67-
70-74-77) sts on a length of scrap

Found it. It’s the instruction directly before the yoke. So you have 5 and another 5 stitches on the sleeve and these will be grafted to the 10 from the body that you are now slipping onto yarn. You can go directly from your current row, transfer the 10, and knit the sleeve stitches keeping the working yarn tension even as though those 10 don’t exist. Later on you go back to graft them under the arm with the 5 + 5 left in yarn jn the sleeve.

I’m pretty sure this is right.


Hi! Thanks for the explanations! So just to double check, I’m putting the same yarn that I’m knitting with through the 10 stitches and keep on knitting with the same yarn again? So it’s supposed to create some kind of tension?

Put the 10 sts on some scrap yarn not on the working yarn. You just want to hold those sts out for the underarm.
You will use your working yarn to now knit across the sleeve sts joining them to the main body of the sweater. Really lovely lace yoke.

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