Sweater too tight in the hips

hello all…I just finished a very basic sweater, knit in the round. Fits great everywhere except gets a little tight in the hips. Wondering if there’s anyway to add a little A-line flare to the piece starting somewhere below the breast.No need for something super-flare, just gentle so it fits better. Any help would be great. Love the sweater, just don’t love the fit.

Hi and welcome to KH. Did you knit it top-down? If so I think you might just rip it back to a few inches above where it is too snug and add some increases at the sides where seams would be if it were seamed. Decide how much bigger it needs to be, figure out based on your sts/inch how many stitches you need, and then put in a centered double increase every so many rows. If you knit it from the bottom, it’s more complicated. HTH

I agree. If its top down…Figure out where to split the back and front and add increases. Kind of like one of these, but maybe less often for a gentle flare. You may have to experiment or do a swatch to see what works for your idea. I’m thinking if you only need a little bit maybe every 5 rows?


thanks for the suggestions, I think I will unravel it a few inches(i did knit top down) and figure out where the ‘seams’ would be(knit in the round) and add 2 stiches each ‘seam’. Thanks very much. Its frustrating to finish and not have it fit correctly…ahhhh, knitting!