Sweater sleeves: knitting flat and in the round "at the same time"?

I think that’s what the pattern is saying anyway. To work flat and round at the same time. I’ve looked all over here and Google, and none of the questions seem to quite cover what my pattern says.

[I]Cast on (#). When work measures 3/4" change needles and continue in st-st for 12 rows, then increase (as described).


When work measures (#) total, continue in striped st-st using dpns or circular needles.

After the final increase, continue on (#) stitches obtained.

The pattern is for striped sleeves, but I’m making them all one color, so I’ll just ignore the bit about when to change yarn colors. But I just can’t imagine how to do the first bit flat and the lower bit in the round at the same time. It’s really giving me fits (though I haven’t tried it yet; I want to understand the method first). And FWIW, I’ll be using circular needles rather than DPNs. I’m not practiced enough with DPNs to use them for a “real” project yet.

I have a link to the pattern, but it won’t let me post it since this is my first thread. If it’s vital for helpers to see the actual pattern, please let me know and I’ll try to add it at a later time.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Just the name of the pattern will help. Sometimes that’s enough to get to a photo of the sweater. You can probably post a link now also.

It’s called “Kangaroo Pouch Sweater.” It sometimes shows up on Google, but it seems to be a pretty generic pattern title, so sometimes it’s tricky to find the exact one. In fact, after I downloaded it, it took me several weeks to find it again lol. When I did find it that second time, I bookmarked it!

someone PLEASE correct me if i’m wrong but it looks like they do want you to knit flat for the cuff and then start knitting in the round when your work reaches (x) cm, so you would knit (or purl) the stitches onto a dpn or circular and then keep knitting around remembering to mark the beginning when you start a new row so you can keep up with the increases and decreases.

“at the same time” appears because before you got the instructions to knit in the round you were told to increase every following 12th row x times, and you still need to finish doing those increases.

then once youre done with the sleeves you’ll only have seams to sew at the shoulder and on the cuff :slight_smile:

That makes a lot of sense, and that’s what I thought when I first read it. But the whole “at the same time” is throwing me for a loop, because the way you describe - and the way I was thinking when I read it - the two steps would happen consecutively rather than simultaneously.

discard the first reply i put in, i even wrote the numbers wrong (youre not gonna work in the round at 2 cm youre going to start at 5(6.5,6,6)
Sorry! all fixed now. Reread it

Ohhhhh!!! That makes perfect sense. Thank you SO much!!

It’s not really clear about joining in the round even though it does say to switch to circular or dpns. Under “To Make Up” the directions are to sew the sleeve seam, reversing the seam for the rolled cuff.
I’d do whichever you’re comfortable with. You can continue knitting flat or start knitting in the round until you get to the sleeve cap which is knit flat.

Thanks dmlkay, too!