Sweater sleeve question

I’m making a sweater with sleeves that are pretty full at the bottom for my daughter. I’ve already ripped them out and made them smaller, and now she likes the diameter at her wrist, but wants it to get tighter up her arm. The sleeves are knit flat and are just a big rectangle.

My question is: should I do some decreases to make it fit smaller on her forearm, and then increase again to fit the top of her arm? Or would that look bad? I was thinking if I just decreased at either edge, that seam would be at the bottom of the arm, next to the body, so it wouldn’t really show. But will that make the arm wonky?

I know I could just try it and rip it out if it doesn’t work, but if someone else has some insight I’d appreciate it. This project seems like it’s gone on too long already, and I’m tired of ripping it out.


Just don’t make the increases in the lower arm or space them further out. You’re going to have to have enough sts to fit into the armhole space, so the upper arm may have to have a lot of increases. I’m not sure this type of sleeve will adapt well to being a tightfitting one.

Are you doing them from the cuff up? If so just increase as you want up the sleeve. Sleeves usually just have one increase at each side edge every other row or spaced as needed (every 3 rows, 4, 6 or whatever) to give you the width you need at the top. I’d do the increases one stitch in from each edge.

Thanks Suzzeq and Merigold. As the pattern is written, it is done from the cuff up and it is just a straight rectangle – that is, there are no increases or decreases. This makes the lower edge bigger in proportion to the arm, and tighter at the top. My daughter likes the size at her wrist, but doesn’t like how full it is on her forearm. So if I decrease a little at the forearm, and then increase again at the top (so it goes back to the original # of stitches at the cuff) to accommodate the top of her arm will that look bad or feel weird to wear?

You can only try it and see how it looks. Cast on with the number of sts you need for the wrist, rather than use their cast on number and decrease. Then you should do a couple increases by the time you get to the elbow, there needs to be some ease there to allow for bending. If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again with a different increase sequence.

Thanks Suzeeq! I know I just need to try it and see what happens! Good point about the ease for the elbow - I’m sure she’ll be wanting to bend her arm :wink:

Yeah, you never really want sleeves with zero or negative ease so they have to stretch to fit.