Sweater Shoulders-Help Binding Off

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post! I am knitting my first sweater and am about to finish the back. Instructions for the shoulder state to

“bind off 12 sts each side 3 times and place remaining 25 sts on a stitch holder.”

Does this mean bind off 12 sts of the left and right side of the piece (the beg and end of the same row) for 3 rows or does this mean bind off the first 12 sts of right/front side and then the first 12 sts of wrong/back side 3 times (which means working a total of 6 rows)?

Also, for the front piece, I am told to repeat what ive done for the back until i reach 17 inches. Then, I am to knit 45 sts and place the remaining sts on a holder. Then, I have to continue in stockinette st “until piece measures 14 rows less than the back at arm edge.”

What does the “arm edge” mean? my back piece took at total of 166 rows to knit (not including the binding off rows) so do I stop knitting at row 152?

Thank you for any help you can offer!

You can’t bind off at the end of the row, so yes, you’re binding off at the beginning of the rows 3 times each side.

The arm edge is the outer edge of your piece–where the sleeves are going to go. And yes, you’re correct on the number of rows to knit.

Wow! That was fast! So if I am adding 6 rows from binding off do I include that in my calculation for when to stop my front piece? Thanks!

Since it says from the arm edge, I’d count it up to the first row that you bound off, since I’m sure you’ll be binding off the front in the same manner.

thank you so much for the help!