Sweater Pattern

So I recently bought a few skeins of yarn bee andes alpaca in mulberry and I love the color. I’ve been trying to find just a simple v-neck sweater pattern with perhaps some waist shaping but I haven’t had any luck so far. Ravelry hasn’t been too much of a help either. Does anyone know of a good sweater pattern?

You can make your own from the top down pattern generators at www.knittingfool.com and www.woolworks.orgpatterns/raglan.html Just put in your gauge and finished measurements and they’ll make up a pattern for you.

Ravelry says it’s bulky, but another site says it worsted. Needle size recommended is a 10 though so I’d go with bulky. There are less patterns for that weight yarn so if you don’t like what you see here or Ravelry you may have to design your own.

You can add shaping to any sweater, too. Here’s a few.

Here’s a pattern generator

I’ve seen the yarn, it is a bulky; it’s Hobby Lobby’s brand they put in for Bernat Alpaca.

I saw it listed with 3 stitches ot the inch? that is 12 stitches to 4 by 4?
look on garnstudio.com: the same stitch ratio (11 stitches to the 4 inches) you find with the yarn “Eskimo” (awesome yarn, by the way). you can look through all patterns there. Just look through the collection (it says the gauge right under the pattern pics in the overview, so it is easy to browse for other yarn).