Sweater Pattern


Here is the link to my project. I cant figure out how to drag it from favs and make it work sorry.

I dont know what I am doing wrong… I am in the first part of shaping the back and cant seem to get past row 4…I crochet the 24 across… do the stitches… chain 24 and follow that… get to the next part…but when I have to come back with the 4th row… the first 24 stitches are at the bottom and no connection to the center 22 stitches…

I really dont understand how to chain 24 then turn… turn how? turn and do the work on the back of the chain? I am very frustrated.
They call one a wrong side… and a right side…does that help determine how to turn? This seemed so simple to do… all hdc…

Here is a symbol diagram as best as I can try the X represents a finished stitch not the chain row Just pretend the 5 Xs are 22… for space sake. Sorry dont have anything to send digital.

                                      XXXXX/xxxxx(3rd set of 22)

When I come back on the top right… to take the hdc across and get to stitch 44… I dont know where to go from there…there is a gap…a row of stitches missing. I just dont know. Please help. My first garment.
thanks so much

That last row of XXXXX should be shifted left… I dont know why it changed… thanks

That looks like a gorgeous sweater/coat! I’m intrigued by this pattern now that I’ve looked at it, but I don’t have time to work up a sample of your problem area tonight. I’ll see if I can get to it soon and give you some help, perhaps in the form of a video. Unless you get help from someone else who can explain it in words, I’ll put that on my list!

Very ambitious project for a first clothing article!


Thanks for looking at my posting… after 4 attempts… I seen that the one area… where there are now 44 hdcs… I was not taking the instructions where it says to HDC in the chains… then finish over the already worked row… very strange pattern.

I still done get the chain 24 turn? Is this just a wording thing… chain 24 and then just work the stitch as in any other project… well I am working throough this area…a video would be so cool… I want to make sure I am doing this right.


Hi Cheri, I printed out the pattern and had a chance to look it over. If you look on the last page of the pattern, you will see the drawings of each piece. The back piece is worked starting from the lower right side, so where you are adding chain stitches, then working into those chain stitches and the hdc stitches already there, you are actually making your rows longer to provide the a-line shape of the garment.

Does this help? Let me know if you have any other questions.

Interesting pattern. I’d love to see a picture of yours when it’s finished!


A link is the best anyway. You can’t post entire patterns here in the forum because it’s against copyright regulations. :thumbsup:

I did look at those pages… but as a first project it was all greek to me…I just assumed that in the end it would be panels to measure to my gauge. But after many attempts… I did figure out my errors… it is just the way the pattern is written. I was not looking at the end count of that row… once I seen that I needed to have 44 stitches… I was fine… for some reason it just didnt click all 6 times trying it. I do try before I come for help.

The other thing is this seems like a piece of paper that will once day be some origami piece in the end. Cant see the final folds and tucks are going till I am done. If that makes sense.

Some of the directions just are taking me time to figure out… such as page one of the starting pattern under all sizes… step 5… where it says to repeat rows 1-3 and I got frustrated that I didnt have 86 stitchs at the end of row.1 till I took a breath and realized I was adding 2 stitches over rows 2 and 3 or the repeat. So now I have figured out that these directions are short cutted… if that is a word… and to be careful what I read.

I should know better… I did a cable scarf that kept having me repeat certain rows… I literally had to cut and past them in to the appropriate row so I could follow better…

thanks again

Good for you Cheri! I think your persistence will pay off in the end and you will have a nice sweater to wear and show off! You are brave to start with something this involved!


Okay… good morning… evening to all.

Following this thread my pattern link is above. I am now at the left sleeve, and have had to restart because along the way my gauge changed…and even after doing this again. My gauge is off by 3.4ths of an inch. The rest of the project seems to be fine for the measurements. So now I am at the end of the sleeve part… that says repeat till 16 and a half inches… I am already over the gauge,
The directions under sleeve says to do the first section to 4 inches… then the 2nd section is 30 rows 4 inches each set of 10, so these rows should measure 12 inches I am measuring around 13.5….so I am already and inch and a half over… at least I am consistent In the wrong gauge now… lol. So to finish this part of the sleeve to 16.5…
I guess my overall question is… if I am consistent with the other sleeve is this gauge change going to be an issue… seems it will be just the length?

The directions on this pattern are just driving me insane… seems they want to shorten the directions as much as possible but seems to frustrate me. The sleeve part says to continue pattern to 16 and a half inches from beginning… I assumed the beginning of the sleeve, but the math only works for the beginning of this section. Hope this explains…
So now what?

I can’t really help you, because I can only crochet granny squares :teehee: but it’s a beautiful sweater, and I wish you luck!

Ah… thanks for that… My thing is that I have crocheted since I was 12… 30 odd years. I mostly have made the items that are… stitch across… a few decreases or increases here and there. Afghans, scarves etc. This sweater I found looking for the Afghan stitch again, My daughter likes to crochet and tried to teach her knitting… she likes the look but really just doesnt like the technigues.

This is such a basic pattern, HDC… some increases, just parts of the patterns directions drives me insane. I will eventually get it…but as I get frustrated it will go into a box with others I get bored or frustrated with.