Sweater pattern to fit Build a Bear size animals

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any sweater pattern links for a build a bear size animal. My neice is totally into them and I would love to make something to fit her critters. Thanks for any help.

baby doll size patterns usually fit- not the 18 american girl doll patterns (the stuffed animals are fatter), but the ones for 16-18 inch baby dolls - the build-a-bears can vary greatly in size- we have a few around… we have a kitty (not the hello kitty, but the one with the blue eyes) and her measurements are:
armpit-to-armpit 8 inches (close to 16 inches all the way around)
chin to belly button about 4 1/2 inches
top arm about 4 inches
underarm from pit to wrist about 3 inches
yoke/ across the shoulder is about 7 inches

our stuffed dog (white with brown patches) is slightly smaller, about 1/2 to 1 inch smaller on all measurements.

if you have a michael’s near you, they sell knock offs of the bear clothes that you could use to judge sizes and measurements…

we have gotten 2 sweaters as gifts that fit the b-a-b animals and they were originally baby doll patterns. I’ve seen lots of cute ones at knittingpatterncentral (free) and
e-patternscentral (not free)


sweaters here, scattered amongst the dolls & teddy patterns.
pattern generator. make one to measure.

My 5 year old daughter is just sure her pink kitten build a bear needs a halloween costume and not just a sweater as the patterns we have found so far.
Has anyone seen anything other than sweaters for build a bears?
Any help would be great…don’t have much time til Halloween.

do you mean to knit? or do you sew at all? if you have a Michael’s near by, they have tons of costumes sized for teddy bears/ stuffed animals, pretty inexpensive.

I was thinking knitting, but I may be able to talk her into sewing.
Our nearest Michael’s is in Eugene…90 miles away. We live in the middle of no where. I guess I can always look at Michael’s.com.

I made a little simple circle skirt in a shiny fabric with an elastic waistband, then we made a crown, and the bear was a princess… I just wasn’t sure if you sewed- not everyone does and I didn’t want to assume…

we also took a rectangle piece of white fabric, and made a tunic: fold in half, cut a neck, sew up the sides leaving room for the arms- then she decorated with fabric markers.

someone at her school made paper masks for the bears- like paper plate masks for kids, but with the dessert size plates instead.

I say buy some fun fur…like 4 balls and free-form something funky!
One of her animals could be a rockstar for halloween :slight_smile:

This idea isn’t sewing or knitting but I just wrapped a bear in toilet paper as a mummy for my mom. It turned out really cute. Not to mention it was all made from stuff I had around the house.
If you(or she) really want to go with knitting you could knit the bear a cape pretty easily. It could be super kitty! Or a kitten sized poncho, head band, and long hair it could be a hippie. Or make little leg and wrist warmers and a head band - it could be a 80’s workout kitty

Now I am thinking about knitting something for my bear for Halloween :teehee:.

IK has a really cute sweater for 18" dolls as a free holiday pattern. it doesn’t say if it’s for baby dolls or american girl-like dolls, but in the picture it’s shown on a bear so i think it will probably work. in fact, i’d like to make one myself!

:woohoo:These are some great ideas. Now I can’t decide what to do, but at least I know where to start.
After I’m done with my daughters bear, then my son will want one.
At least it will be a nice, fun challange. Any excuse to knit or create something new!
Thanks for the ideas!
I guess I’ve got to get knitting!