Sweater pattern-stitch holder-yarn ball

Hello everyone, I am new to knitting and this is my first sweater pattern. I have completed the back section and the instructions had me cast off 14 stitches at the beginning next two rows - I have done that. The next step is to place remaining 21 stitches on a stitch holder - done. Now here is the question - What about the yarn tail to the yarn ball? Do I cut off a long tail and weave in the end? Reading on into the pattern, the two fronts will be completed with one of them on another stitch holder, then you would knit them onto the needle to complete the neck collar.
Thanks for your help.


sounds like you’ve finished the back

so Yes, cut yarn tail

ALWAYs leave 12 or so inches…

its easier to trim a too long tail, than to find you are an inch short!

later (in the part of patten labeled “finishing”)you’ll take those stitches on the holder, and put them back on a needle, and then make the finishing edge of the neck (ribbing, a collar, a hood, what ever)

after that, you’ve weave in the tail (and again easier to weave in 3 or 4 inches of 12 (and cut away the excess) than to try to weave in 3 inches!