Sweater Pattern Question

I am knitting this sweater, whose pattern can be found at www.royalyarns.com/fp/TLC-Knt/TLC-LW1355.pdf. However I foresee one big problem in the pattern of the sleeves. It’s the part where it says “Change to larger needles and work in eyelet pat, same as first(2nd,2nd) size of back,shaping sides by inc 1 each end of 3rd row, then every 8 (6,6) until there are 89 (97,101) sts,…”

The problem I can’t figure out is how long do I increase every 3rd row, and when do I switch to increasing every 8th row?

Hope this makes sense and I appreciate your looking at this problem.

I read it as increase at each end of the 3rd row and then increase every 8 rows.

Thanks Ingrid. I think you’re absolutely right. :smiley: