Sweater Pattern Help

I have finished the back of this sweater and now on the front. But I am confused with first set of instructions for sweater front. I cannot figure out where I am supposed to lose the 32 rows before start of shoulder shaping. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ve already worked the back. Lay it flat then count down 32 rows from the beginning of the shoulder shaping. Put a safety pin or stitch marker into that row. Now measure up from the back hem to that marker.
That number of inches up from the hem is how long the front should measure before you start the neck shaping.

This is such a lovely, soft sweater.

At the start of the armhole shaping, you have 25 rows - cast off for two rows, decrease for 7, then decrease every other for 16. You then keep going straight until you hit the right length. As an example, let’s say that was for another 20 rows, so from the start of the armhole to where you start the shoulder shaping would be 45 rows total. Subtract 32 and you’d start adding the neck shaping when you get to row 13 of the armhole shaping.

Your formula would be (25 + x) - 32 = row of armhole shaping you start doing the neckline shaping on.

Just substitute the correct number for x (the number it took to get to the 8.25" length).

Thank you both so much for your quick reply and help. Am now over that hurdle and almost finished with the front. Thanks again.