Sweater patter for 7 year old girl..?

I was given some very pretty yarn today,it is smart dk weight,and i would like to make my little girl some pullover or cardigan,it would be awesome if it a cable,but that is not necessary but keep in my mind that this will be first one:teehee: so does anyone have some favorite one?
it would be awesome if it was free or almost at least:)

It’s always hard to find a pattern for a specific yarn…easier the other way around, but see if any of these will work. I looked up the yarn on Ravelry and looked at what was made for children and found these patterns.
~Child’s Guernsey from the Debbie Bliss book How to Knit
~Pullover from the Ann Budd book The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns

Try here, too.

If you didn’t already have yarn I’d say to try one of these. I have a couple of their patterns and they are easy to follow. Maybe next time. :wink:

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Here’s a few possibilities. Can’t wait to see it knit up. I just KNOW whatever you do will be precious.


This one I like but only goes to size six. Don’t know if you want to resize to fit your needs.

this one has some cables on the trim.

or perhaps this one…for a “hip” look

thanks,i really want to make the starsky jr:)

At thedailyknitter.com, the patterns in each category are listed by needle size. A dk yarn would use size 5-7 needles; you might find something that way too.

You can go on Bernat.com

I’d love to make my husband and son matching lil peep sweaters for girls. I figure if I start now, I might finish by next winter in a year (southern hemisphere)? :joy: At which point son will be a year. Does anyone know where to look or have any favorite patterns to fit a medium adult man and a 1 year old toddler? I’m not too concerned with technique or style or yarn weight or anything like that at the moment

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You could search Ravelry for father and son sweaters. I’ve knit Antler and Flax from Tin Can Knits which come in child to adult man’s sizes.

Also this one from Lion Brand which is pictured on the old pattern with a similar adult sweater.

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