Sweater on round questions

I’m knitting a sweater on round needles based on a beginner pattern that calls for a front and a back pannel (I’m also incorporating some other decorative aspects to the patern). I’m actually adjusting quite well. However, when I get to where the sleeves are, shall I leave/ skip two stitches at each half way mark, keeping them on stitch holders as I knit each row? Would that leave a small gap/ hole in the arm pit?
Then, when it comes to making the sleeves, would I work the sleeve pattern backwards to the cuff (the pattern actually calls for starting at the cuff and increase to the shoulder) if I work the sleeves in the round as well (at that point, I’d actually like to do it with DP needles)? It would seem to me to make more sense to do the “work-backwards” in adjusting the pattern if I have open stitches that I skipped in the body for the sleeves. [Sorry if my explaination is confusing!]
Very curious about this mostly because I want to challenge myself! Perhaps this will just be a big ol’ mess! Anyone who can let me know if I’m on to something here or 100 yds. off base, I would greatly appreciate!

When I’ve made sweaters with the sleeves knit on, I’ve made the sleeve decreases on the body as called for and then just picked up and knit down for the sleeve. There’s no real ‘shaping’ at the top of the sleeve, but that’s fine with me. It depends on the look you’re going for–it usually takes me a long time to getting around to sewing on sleeves. :teehee:

Then I decrease down the way I would increase on the way up, reversing the pattern as I go. So you’re very much on the right track. I’m not quite sure I understand the purpose of putting those stitches on holders.