Sweater no 11

Hi everyone,
Has anyone completed sweater no 11. If so when you get to pick up stitches for left shoulder it says using short tail of the yarn, sorry but I’m lost I don’t know what this means can anyone help

Can you link to the pattern? You can post a line or two of the pattern, maybe the exact wording of where it says to use the yarn tail.

If I’ve got the right pattern (My Favourite Things?), then you can write and ask for help here:

Just adding that support is available in English for patterns published in English (the link here has Norwegian text showing so I thought I’d better make that clear).


I could be wrong but I think this refers to giving yourself enough tail length so that the stitches are being picked up with the tail rather than the ball of yarn. I’ve seen reference to this somewhere but not sure where, and logically I cannot think of a reason why you’d want to do this but it must be a thing.


I haven’t seen this pattern, but I believe long tail for adding stitches is done at the end or beginning of a row where you add new stitches to the existing ones. You make new stitches by using the yarn (from the same skein you’re using) and making a backward loop over the needle for each new stitch either adding the stitches after you’ve finished working the existing stitches or going on to work the existing stitches after adding the new ones. Then you knit/purl the new stitches on the next row (whatever the pattern calls for). Just make sure you have the right number of new stitches and haven’t twisted them around.

I hope that helps.

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Hi and welcome to KH. Have you tried a knitted or cable cast on for adding stitches at the end of a row? I find this makes a nicer edge and is far, far easier to work into.

I still think that seeing the exact wording of the pattern would be helpful. There really should be an explanation of how to do this or a link or something helpful.


Thanks everyone for all the helpful info. I didn’t realise I could contact my fave things will definitely do that in the future. It looks like I figured it out though through asking for help. Thanks again you are all so helpful.


So…what did you figure out? This is puzzling and my brain begs for a solution.

I just started at the end where the tail is for the cast on. it worked !!!. Still unsure of the wording though ):