Sweater neck ribbing too loose/wide

I just finished my first sweater, and it looks so good! Except when I put it on my daughter, the neck is super loose and it looks almost like it should be folded down or something. I think I’ll have to tear back the ribbing and try something else, but does anyone have any advice? I can post a photo if it helps?

A photo could be good. Go ahead, please.

Did you pick up stitches around the neck to do the rib? You could use smaller needles to redo and/or fewer stitches. If you need to pick up more than you need for the pick up round to look good you can decrease them out on the next round. HTH

I knit it from the bottom up so I didn’t have to pick up stitches, and I used smaller needles (the pattern suggested to).

How do I figure out how many to decrease to? I’ll go snap a photo…

I’m having problems attaching an image? Tips?

I think this will work: http://postimg.org/image/3uttf3aon/

Thanks for the link, it works. Except for the neck problem, that’s a beautiful sweater and when you get the neck sorted out and redone, the whole thing will be fabulous!

I’ve not done a round yoke sweater like this and almost always work top down so I’m leaving you to wait until someone who can help for sure can do it.

it is indeed a beautiful sweater
Take out the ribbing and see if just re-knitting it will be enough to close up the neckband as GG suggested. It looks like you picked up maybe 72-76sts around the neck and maybe you could go down to about 56 or 60sts? It’s all a bit of guess work.
How many sts did you pick up around the neck?

Thank you! I’m really happy with how it turned out (except for the collar)

I didn’t pick up the stitches for the collar, the sweater is knit from the bottom up, so it’s just a continuation of the knitting. There are 100 stitches across the top of the sweater that is reduced to 80 (k2tog k3) across the last row before the ribbing. Should I decrease it even further? Should I do it in that final row that already has decreases? Or should I spread it over a couple of rows?

Thanks so much for your help!

Ideally, you’d like to gradually decrease as you knit up the yoke. So you would dec perhaps every 4 rows. However, I think you can manage it by decreasing on that last row from 100 to 60, a total of 40sts decreased. I just did something similar on an adult sweater knit bottom up with a yoke and it worked well.
If necessary you can also decrease in the ribbing, on the purl sts by p2tog about halfway up the rib.