Sweater Measurements Schematic

I am getting ready to make a sweater for my mom, who lives quite a distance from me, as I haven’t been able to see her in person for several years. I think that her wrapping up in a sweater I knit with love will be the closest I’ll get to hugging her before she passes. However, the distance makes fitting it to her in person impossible. Mom lives with my brother and SIL and my SIL has offered to take Mom’s measurements for me if I send her a schematic that shows what measurements are needed and how to take them. I am new to sweater knitting and was wondering if anyone has a schematic for the usually required measurements that they would recommend/be willing to share? I’m hoping some experienced sweater-knitters have something at hand and I don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Any help appreciated!

It would be easier for your SIL to measure a sweater similar to the one you plan on making that fits her well - getting the tape measure in the right parts on the body is trickier than it sounds.

You’ll basically need the chest/bust measurement that’s just below the underarms, the underarm to hem and underarm to wrist. Then the length of the armhole - that’s not along the curve, but straight up from the underarm to the shoulder seam. This diagram can help, though you may not need #s 2 and 3 or 8 and 9. That will all be easier on another garment that’s laid flat on a table or bed.

Please let us know how this project goes. Whenever I make something for someone, I feel like a little love goes into each stitch and it takes a lot of stitches to make something so it adds up. This is such a wonderful thing to do for your mom.

Making a sweater for your mom is a wonderful idea. If there’s not a favorite sweater to use as a model, here’s the video from a good episode of Knitting Daily with some tricks for the measurements that are on Sue’s diagram.

Have you chosen a pattern yet? Sometimes patterns will have a schematic, and you can find the measurements you need on it.

Personally, I love schematics! They really help me make sure that what I’m knitting is the correct size. They’re also helpful for when I make alterations to the pattern (which is always).

What a great idea! I bet she will be thrilled.

I never thought of having her measure a sweater she already has…what a great idea! Thanks for the information.

I have mailed her pics of two patterns, October Frost and Rene that I thought I could tackle (based on difficulty ratings and comments) and that I thought she might like. Now I just have to see which she chooses. I’ve already put myself on the waitlist at the library for the book that has the October Frost pattern, just is case. Also, I will have to make the sweater out of acrylic so she can machine wash & dry it. I have some KnitPicks Brava Worsted in Hunter green that I think will work (she loves green) if I can get gauge on it. If I can’t get gauge I’ll have to do math and that could be catastrophic for all involved, especially as I’m not sure of what adjustments will need to be made. Oh well, getting pushed out of one’s comfort zone every once in a while is therapeutic…right?? :pray:

Thanks to everyone for your input. I’ll post updates once I get started on it, which may be awhile especially if there is math involved…math is not my strong suit. :whoosh:

If you get stumped, come back here and ask a question. I’m no math whiz, but the mods and other expert knitters here can figure out just about everything.

Another idea: Make friends with the people who run a nearby LYS (local yarn store–the kind that specializes in high-end yarns). Generally those people are very knit-savvy and can often help you out of a bind.