Sweater making method?

Hi all :smiley: I’ve been looking into patterns for making my first sweater, and I like the idea of doing a seamless sweater, but I’m not sure which method would be the one to start with. I’ve been reading Knitting Without Tears and EZ’s instructions for a bottom up sweater, and I see that Knitpicks has a top down sweather DVD. Any suggestions? I love the Tubey, but is that too difficult for a 1st sweater? (Is Tubey done in worsted weight?). Should I do a sweater in pieces just to learn how to seam correctly?

Recently a link was posted for making your own top-down pullover. I don’t have the link handy since I’m on DHs pooter right now instead of my own. I haven’t tried the pattern yet myself, but it looks great!

As for the seaming, I will do anything possible to avoid it if I can! I have a luscious pullover that I can’t wait to wear, but it needs seaming, and I’ve been avoiding it like the plague!

I did this one for my first sweater and really easy! I love it and wear it all the time!
Knitting Pure and Simple #9724
I bought the pattern locally and it was only about $5… worth it IMO! I want to make one of their cardigans next time I knit for me!

Here’s the Incredible Raglan site & a great book that teaches knitting sweaters in the round is The Sweater Workshop :thumbsup:

If you do pick one to seam, I would advise you to AVOID MOHAIR! :rollseyes: I made my first sweater in mohair and had to seam it. I haven’t made a seamed sweater since…or a seamed ANYTHING for that matter. :oo:
My second sweater was Topsecret from Knitty, which is in the round and bottom up. I LOVED it and it was quick to work since it was bulky yarn.
Tubey is done in worsted and is not difficult at all except for the picking up stitches to start the body. That was a real pain in the a**. I don’t know if you’ve checked out the Knit Along board, but there’s a thread for Tubey that’s got some more information on it.

Thanks for all the replies :smiley: . Rebecca --I totally forgot about The Sweater Workshop book…thanks for the reminder! I also just got done looking at the KALs and noticed Hilde’s summer tank KAL (using math to design a tank). I will definately take the advice to avoid Mohair! I’m feeling the need for a Knitpicks order!!!

IMHO Tubey would be a great first sweater…nothing too tricky (I would guess that picking up the right amount of stitches to start the body is what most people find most challenging :wink: ). [size=1]It’s just kind of monotonous. [/size]

I just placed my order for The Sweater Workshop. After viewing some of the pages online, I realized there were many techniques in the sweater sampler that I was unfamiliar with. I still :heart: Tubey, and will probably do that also…now, if I can just stay motivated to finish an entire sweater!!

I own the sweater workshop… the directions are very strightforward and easy. I, personally, like it better than EZs book.