Sweater Jitters and moving outside my box

:oo: Out side MY box, whoa! :noway:

Well, I decided on a vest that I have. On e that is old but fits pretty well still. I will take measurements etc.

I have been looking at Knit Picks: Swish Superwash wool (worsted wt machine washable) and Wool of the Andes (worsted wt, hand wash).

Has anyone used these yarns? I will try to figure out the amount and order a bit more to be on the safe side (or to make a scarf with the extra; or a pot holder depending the amount left over :teehee: )

Take a deep breath, Linda. This will be FUN! :cheering:


Wool of the Andes has been found to pill terribly–most people use it for felting. I haven’t used Swish, but I don’t recall any real negatives.

WOTA is scratchier than Swish too, which is why people use it mostly for felting.


Wow, thanks a bunch on that. Imay order some for felting some day but not for knitting a wearable.

Well, I shall keep looking. I may do one up in some of the red heart yarn i have here, bunches of it for practice. Then find something nice.

Thanks again!

Linda :muah:

If you are going to direct that much of your knittastic-super-powers toward an item make it out of something you LOVE to have next to your skin. If you love RH, then by all means, go for it…but if not keep looking.

I am saving pocket change to buy enough Euroflax linen for a nice summery top.

Be brave… you can do it. :slight_smile:

I’d go for the Superwash. It’s nice and soft and will get softer as you wash it.

Nadja xxx