Sweater in Round - front vs back?

I’m working on the sampler from The Sweater Workshop, and I’m a little confused: Where I began knitting (site of first marker and beginning tail of yarn) is being referred to as the right “seam” edge. I’ve now placed a marker on the other side for the left “seam” edge. My question: is it my right and left as I wear the sweater, or as I look down on it? I’m at the point of putting in some short rows on the sampler to add length down the back of the sweater, but it seems like the directions are telling me to add them where I assumed the front of the sweater is :thinking: . I suppose if I was designing my own, I would just keep track of the front and back, but I’m wondering for following general patterns done in the round.


I was a bit confused about that, too. The top that I just made, Soleil from Knitty, had the right and left sides being the right and left side of the top when wearing it. I’m sure it holds true for all patterns…a more garment experienced knitter will know for sure :smiley:

In the patterns I’ve made it has always meant the front and left sides/seams/whatever as you are wearing it.

I have to agree with that–as you are wearing it.

Thanks all! I tried Ingrid’s advice of “trust the pattern,” and realized that as I’m wearing it seemed to be the case. I’m finally at the point in the sampler where I’m trying new things, and learning the design reasons behind some things I’ve done in other patterns (i.e. short rows, slipping the first stitch, etc…). I cant’ wait to finish the sampler and try to put what I’ve learned to the test in an actual garment!