Sweater in Acrylic? Afraid to Commit! :os

I haven’t made any sweaters with any GREAT yarns, you know, the kind that would cost $300 in yarn alone! :teehee: I’m thrifty!

BUT I’ve heard even some of the expensive ones pill and disappoint.

So…I find myself afraid to commit to another sweater. I’d like to try one in Vanna’s Choice because it’s a great Acrylic. Bernat also has some really nice acrylics. I’m looking for long-lasting, and I figure those would be the best. Any other ideas will be appreciated.

So anyone out there made sweaters with Acrylic? Which yarn? How did it wear?

Lion Brand Wool Ease. altho i made some socks with this and they didnt hold up well.

Dark Horse …Fantasy…(great stuff) When i need something for someone I know wont hand wash…this is the stuff i go for…its soft and machine wash and dry. I made a dress for my neice in this stuff and its holding up pretty good!

Theres more but i cant think of name brands right now…

Hope this helps

Thanks, I looked it up on Ravelry, I saw a teal (Jade) I loved. Where do you get these?

I made one in James C. Brett Marble Chunky. It’s fuzzy, but the yarn was a little fuzzy to begin with so I’m not sure if that means anything. I’m very happy with it so far. Any yarn can pill…wools pill, too. I think it’s just something we have to accept and buy a sweater shaver. :wink:

Yes, I see that with my Paton’s Classic Wool Merino, which I really like, but thought acrylic wouldn’t pill so much.

I suggest Encore Worsted or Patons Decor. Both are 75% acrylic, 25% wool. I have done a lot of knitting with both and everything has held up and washed well. A little pilling on the Encore but nothing you can’t shave off. I have made hats, socks, and slippers that have worn well. I knitted a beautiful cranberry roll raglan sweater last winter with the Encore that I wear all the time and wash it often. It still looks good.
I made some hats with the Marble chunky and they are nice. I don’t recommend the woolease for anything you expect to wear for long because everything I made from it wears holes in no time. It looks good and the price is good but it doesn’t last.
Hope this gives you some more ideas.

Unfortunately even Encore itches me so I can’t wear it. Bummer because I LOVE the colors and working with it is great.

I’ve knit sweaters in acryllic but it was a LONG time ago and I’m pretty sure that was when Red Heart yarn was the next best thing and my mom was thrilled that it didn’t pill as much as other yarns available at the time. The sweaters wore nicely and didn’t pill too much.

After having moths eat some holes in my wool hat I will only make acrylic sweaters. I’d really like a wool sweater but I’m not having all that work fall apart.
My Caron Simply Soft sweaters have wore amazingly nice. Some fuzzing but no pilling yet.
Being male these get thrown in the wash with everything else, get washed after every wearing and get no special treatment what-so-ever.

And they’re only something like $12 a sweater.

My Caron Simply Soft sweaters have wore amazingly nice. Some fuzzing but no pilling yet.
Being male these get thrown in the wash with everything else, get washed after every wearing and get no special treatment what-so-ever.

HEAR HEAR!! I forgot about CSS!! DEFINATLY another one to go for …many a baby sweater has been made out of this stuff. My baby stuff has to be well wearing and EASY care…Babys do alot of getting …well…dirty and dont much care if the sweater is too…LOL

Ive made alot of other things with this stuff too…great color pallet too…yep caron simply soft…

I don’t think “pilling” occurs just because a yarn is spendy. It’s the softer yarns that pill. The softer it is, the more it pills. Based on that…even acrylics can, and will, pill on ya!

I’ve found that single ply yarns also pill more than plied yarns. But sometimes they’re just worth it!

I’m making one in Hobby Lobby’s brand called ‘I Love This Yarn’ and truly, I DO! It’s softer than Red Heart. I look forward to seeing how it wears.

I have some aluminum wire that is softer than Red Heart :roflhard:

Just joking, I like Red Heart and plan on doing a sweater out of it someday. Although I figure it will need a few washer rounds and fabric softener to soften up.
My crochet afghans are almost all Super Saver and have become very soft.

RH is good for dog sweaters, though Vanna’s Choice is better, I’ve used both for dog sweaters. I’m making a bag out of RH now, because i know it will last!


My bf has suggested that RH is good for one thing and one thing only: stripping paint off of cars. I tend to agree with his shots at the yarn,lol

[I]SOME[/I] RH is fine, others is like knitting with sandpaper. I guess if you were trying to get smooth skin it might be good. :lol: