Sweater help

i am doing the lionbrand striped cholds pullover, a new project for me.
new knitter…i need help understanding the pattern…

Sew left shoulder seam. With RS facing and MC, pick up and k 40, sts evenly around neck edge. Work 5 rows in St st. Bind off loosely.

Sew right shoulder and neck seam. Sew in sleeves, matching center of sleeve top with shoulder seam and working down. Sew underarm and Sleeve seams. Weave in ends. do you pick up the stitches on both pieces
of the finished sweater? then it saids sew shoulder and neck seam, isn’t that being done with the 40 st. would really need this explained in easy terms :wall:

I think you leave one side of the neck unseamed until you knit the neck band. It says knit for 5 rows, so it’s flat, not in the round. Then you seam it up with the other shoulder seam. You could seam both shoulders together first and knit the neckband in the round if you want. I think it would look better by avoiding the seam on the band.