Sweater help

I am working on a sweater and it goes as follows:

P5: *sl next 2 sts onto holder and leave at back of work, K1, then K2 from holder - Cr3 made; P5; rep from @ across

I don’t understand the K2 from holder, or what it means by Cr3. Which one on the holder do you Knit first, the one on the left or the one on the right. Am totally confused. :??

This is a TLC amore Style LT1415 pattern

The Cr3 refers to Crossing 3 stitches over each other. You knit the next stitch that’s on your needle, then you knit the 2 that are on the holder as if they were on the needle too. K the one closest to the tip, then the 2nd one.


Thanks for the help. Will try it. :notworthy:

Have one more question. which way do you put them on the holder, not sure which way to slip the stitches

Slip them on the same way you would slip to the Right needle, then knit off them as if they were the left needle.


Thank, I am new at this and trying to teach myself, and I do appreciate the help