Sweater for small dog

i have been looking for a pattern for sweater for a small dog weighing at 7lb. Her neck is 8". She is a mini dachsund and is always cold all year round. I want to keep her warm.
If anyone knows of a pattern that will fit her, I know she and i would be very grateful. :XX:



Here are some patterns posted by our own GlenBoRTR

dmckenney, I, too, have a mini doxie…she rules the roost…as u can see here and here, she’s just too cute. And as u can see her with my husband, she’s very lovey, dovey :smiley:
I found a custom fit dog sweater that should work for you :smiley:

thank you ingrid and rebeca, I believe these will help a great deal!
Daphney and I appreciate it very much. :happydance:

Have u a photo of your Daphney?
Oh, and u r certainly welcome :smiley:

I am having technical difficulties at the moment but as soon as they are resolved i will post a few. She was rescued from bad owners that abused and neglected her . When we got her she had nails so long they curved under and she didn’t walk well, had very poor muscle tone , and has arthritis in both hips real bad. Found out later that the man had kicked her down basement stairs, and that she was crated alot.
She is very sweet, gentle, and devoted to us and so far everyone wants to take her home with them. But that isn’t going to happen. :smiley: