Sweater for a Large Dog?

My best friend recently asked me to knit her Boxer a sweater to help keep his belly warm this winter. I’ve started my search but it appears little dogs get all the love. Duke is a loveable dog so I’d love to help - even though I’m still a cat person.

Does anyone have a great pattern for that could be sized for a large breed dog and covers their belly? We get a lot of snow up here.


Here’s a couple for greyhounds…they are thinner, but you could probably adjust that easily enough.

This might work.

Here’s a dog sweater pattern generator.

There is a book called Knitting for Dogs that probably can help, too.

I think these will be way too small. My friend gave me some measurements: “He is 35 inches around the biggest part of his belly and 20 inches from neck to back hips.”

I’m thinking that I may just have to modify an adult sweater pattern just to get it to fit right, except I’m not that great at changing patterns.

If anyone out there is a designer I’m seeing a possibilty for writing a great book focusing on hand knits for big dogs!

If you have measurements you can use the dog sweater pattern generator I linked to.

I have a boxer I have been trying to knit a sweater for also. I ordered a book called Top Dog Knits and it is 12 patterns for large dogs.Haven’t knitted them yet.

My problem is boxers are big across the chest and most patterns don’t accomodate for this.

Here is a link someone posted on Ravelry in a boxer/knitter forum-

I think that will be my only option. I’ve asked my friend to get all of the measurements needed - should be fun with her active dog!

Let me know if anything in that book ends up working for your boxer!

Here is a dog sweater calculator
Here is the picture of it

Here is a link that might work. I’m hoping to use the formula to make a sweater for my Dane next winter. There is even a pic of a sweater made for a Boxer!!


Good Luck!!!

Here’s a pattern written up just for greyhounds. I’ve written it up for greyhounds’s specific body shape.