Sweater Dress

I want to make a sweater dress and I am having a hard time finding a pattern. I know it will take a long time and might not be realistic for my skills. Should I keep looking for a dress pattern or should I elongate a sweater that looks like I want? Does anyone have advice for converting the sweater pattern? I mean things like decreasing for the waist and stuff like that. I thought about doing a top-down sweater and keep trying it on and adjusting the number of stitches. Please–any advice at all or links to patterns!!! I want something very simple, maybe a turtleneck, hitting about my knees (long enough for church but still kinda hot without trying too hard to look hot ifyouknowwhatimean).

this is actually on my to do list as well.

i have chosen a sweater that i am simply going to knit longer and add a belt, but i like that kinda of sweater dress. you could look http://www.berroco.com/item_fr/fr_dress.html
or on ravelry to find something you may like. i have ten tons of vintage patterns that i tend to go through. i will have a look through and see if there is anything there that may interest you. i inherited hundreds of patterns from my gran and great grandmother.

There are masses of free patterns out there, you could google for free (if you dont want to pay for a pattern) dress pattern, knitted and see what you come up with.

I think I will try google. On Ravelry, the dresses (so far) are not real plain and not long-sleeved and wintery.

It’s not free, but I just love this wrap dess. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wrap-dress-2

It would take me a zillion years to knit it, though!

I’m in love!!! But the magazine is sold out on their website. Does anyone know where to buy past issues or have one to sell? This dress is pretty much what I’m looking for. Would it look okay with tights and boots or am I too old for them or are they just out of style?

Oh, that is a nice one! I’d post here in the ‘buy/swap/sell’ forum and see if you can find someone willing to let their issue go. Try ebay. Check your library. Knitting Daily http://www.knittingdaily.com/ has a forum, maybe post there looking for someone to trade/sell their issue. Also post there in general - they may add it to their ‘for sale’ patterns.

Good luck in yor search!

Thanks! I would make it longer, of course. I can’t do Ebay. I got banned when I didn’t pay for something because the seller hadn’t shipped another item yet. They reported me first and I never did get what I did pay for! I’ll keep looking, though. Maybe my LYS has back issues.

I was just at Daily Kniting looking for something else, isn’t this your dress?

COOL! I love you!!! I hadn’t looked for just the dress yet. I’m going to order the pattern now.

Do you guys have any advice about the neck? I’d like it not quite that big.

I like Luna, too.