Sweater collar help please!

Hi all,
I need help about the collar. The pattern says:

Join yarn at right shoulder seam. Using smaller 16" circular needle, K20 (20, 22, 24) sts from holder at back neck, pick up and K 9 sts down left front neck, K14 (14, 16, 18) sts from holder at front neck, pick up and K 9 sts along right front neck. 52 (52, 56, 60) sts on needle. Join and work in rounds.[/B]

My questions are as follows;
What does it mean [B]pick up[/B]?
How can I pick up [B]9 stiches[/B]?

Thanks in advance


Hi there! I’m no expert, but I understand the pattern, so I’ll try to help.

What you’re doing is making the collar at the top of the sweater. You’re going to have your needle attached at the top of the sweater all the way around the neck when you finish following the instructions.

You’re going to knit the stitches on the first holder, then you need to CREATE stitches across the shoulder until you get to the next stitch holder. The pattern says you need 9 stitches at this spot. So, look at that section, and plan how 9 stitches will space out there. Then, pick up stitches by poking your knitting needle through the top edge of the knitting, and pulling through yarn from the back…9 times. Then, you’ll knit the stitches on the other holder, then pick up 9 stitches on the other shoulder, the same way you did before.

Now, your needle will be attached all the way around the neck, and you can join in the round and begin knitting the collar.

Amy has a video here about picking up stitches. It’s on this page: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips
Just scroll down that page, until you see “Picking Up Stitches” near the bottom of the page.

I hope this helps!