Sweater Border Too Tight

I’m working on knitting a tight fit sweater and I’ve finished both the front and back and stitched them together. I’m now working on the arms but when I tried on the sweater to check the length of the arms, I noticed that the cast on edging at the bottom of the sweater is WAY too tight. I don’t know if I just knit it too tightly or cast it on incorrectly. I did follow the pattern to the T but am wondering if there is a way that I can redo the ribbing without tearing out the whole sweater?

If there a loose casting on method that makes for a loose and stretchy ribbing?

Many thanks!

oh, dear! I have seen published patterns where the model looks too big for the sweater…most patterns are modeled in size small…it is VERY important to take the time to make a 4" x 4" gauge swatch.
The ONLY possibility here would be to handwash and block the garment. While it is wet try pulling it into your desired size.

Links in this existing thread on how to redo CO edge. The feasibility will depend on your st patt but if only removing/redoing the ribbing it’s usually very workable.

What CO did you use originally? Did you use a smaller ndl? Is the rib elastic but not the CO edge?

ETA: if you opt to cut off the ribbing and work back down, you can then adjust your BO edge to be as loose/snug as you want (several BO options to choose from).

The long tail cast on has always worked for me, even for ribbing. I find the knit cast on to be less stretchy.

There are videos on the site about the various cast ons.