Sweater bonding machine ultimate

I need help to know everything about this darn machine

Hi I’m new and needing help please

Welcome to KH!
What is the brand and specific model of your machine? Have you a manual or have you looked online for the manual?

It’s sweater bonding machine by bond america. So no model number

See if this series of videos helps.

Here’s a link to some online manuals

We’re mostly hand knitters here but perhaps these forum members can help:

That video is very informative. The only thing to note is that the older Bond machines (now called “Classic” but that won’t appear on the machine or box).

The newer once is called the Incredible Sweater machine. It’s usually gray. They work exactly the same way but the gauge is slightly different, I’m told. So that means the parts & accessories are not interchangeable.

The thing to remember is to lightly push down and the movement should glide very smoothly - like ironing.
The more expensive machines make that a little more automatic.

The other trick that can make beginning difficult is to be sure the slack in the yarn is minimal when you head back across. So you push the carriage up to the needles and lightly snug up the yarn.

After you watch the video (she probably has another - this one cut you off before the cast-on) & practice a little, I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have.

There is also a woman from New Jersey who has lots of Bond videos up. I recommend her too. She even took 2 classic machines and made her own ribber! (Finding a Bond ribber is very rare. You have to rib by dropping stitches and latching up.). I forget her name. Something like Marie Rose? Just look up Bond videos & In sure you’ll find her.

The Bond is great because it approximates hand knitting in worsted weight.

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Here she is with one cast-on for the Bond. She later went on to other machines, but she has a lot of Bond stuff up. There is another one that will probably help, it is showing everything that should come with your machine. Roberts Rose is great because she has lots of ideas for workarounds for missing pieces.

If you can make peace with her heavy Jersey accent, she really is a treasure trove of info.

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Excellent recommendation, Salmonmac! Cheryl Brunette has fantastic videos for the Bond. It is now also called the Ultimate Sweater Machine. Another great YouTube teacher is Diana Sullivan.


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