Sweater armhole decreases

I’m working on a sweater pattern and I’ve gotten to the point where I decrease for the armholes. The pattern states “Shape armhole by first binding off 4 sts, then 3 sts at each side.” Are these done only on the RS rows? I would think I bind off 4 sts on the first RS row, then do a WS row as normal, then bind off 3 sts on the RS row. Am I reading this correctly?

The important part is where it says “at each side.” So, bind off 4, work across in pattern. Turn, bind off 4 and work across. And so on.

That way you end up with shaping on both sides of the piece.

I figured that… but is the bind off 3 on a RS or WS row?

You would do the bind off three on both sides as well.

So you’re binding off at the beginning of each row? First BO4 on the right side, then finish the row… then BO4 on WS? I guess that makes more sense anyway.

This is my first fitted sweater, so it’s different from anything else I have done.

You’ve got it! :thumbsup:

I guess I was just a bit dense… thanks :slight_smile:

:fingerwag: Not dense, just uncertain. One of the best things about this forum is that there’s always someone who can answer questions! Goodness knows I’ve asked enough of them myself!

Good luck on your sweater, don’t hesitate to ask more questions as they come up!

I had to figure out that the counts for the armhole decrease total stitches per row did not include the stitches that I had to increase for the cable design. I think that’s part of what confused me. Once I figured that I had an extra 24 stitches because of those increases, it worked out just fine. I’m about 3" short of having the back done :slight_smile:

At some point I’ll figure out what stitches are best to use for seaming, but I think I have a week or two before I have to figure that out.